Vidhya Mohan in Valli Episode 1157

Valli (Mohan) just finishes a phone call and takes a stroll by the pool when she begins sneezing. She sneezes and wipes her nose in a drug soaked rag. She starts to feel woozy as a wheelchair bound man looks on from the poolside and another man waits in earnest for her to pass out… Continue reading Vidhya Mohan in Valli Episode 1157


Kitten Natividad in New Adventures of Beans Baxter (s01e13)

"A Nightmare on Beans' Street" features Miss Natividad as Pumpkin Princess, the evil princess who kills people because they wear green. As a young girl her mother forced her to eat broccoli so naturally she hates green because of it. Anyway, towards the end of the episode she has a piece of broccoli waved in… Continue reading Kitten Natividad in New Adventures of Beans Baxter (s01e13)