Svetlana Khodchenkova in Five Brides / Пять Невест (2011)

Young war pilot Aleksey Kaverin goes home for vacation while all his other war pals are stuck. They devise a brilliant plan to have him find brides for them while he's home. So he goes to his buddy's fiancee's home where he is mistaken for her beloved and married to her before he can speak… Continue reading Svetlana Khodchenkova in Five Brides / Пять Невест (2011)

Sarah Gadon in Murdoch Mysteries (s03e08)

"Future Imperfect" features Gadon playing Ruby, a young, world-travelling writer who is hellbent on helping our main character solve this weeks crime. About sixteen minutes in she gets her chance when sacks of (presumably) body parts are found at the bottom of a pond. The constable and inspector open the sack, and when Ruby runs… Continue reading Sarah Gadon in Murdoch Mysteries (s03e08)

Angela Dotchin in Jack of All Trades (s01e10)

In this 2000s action-comedy show, Dotchin plays English spy Emilia in the 19th century East Indies. In this episode, the plot requires her character to fake death, so she creates a serum to mimic those effects. Against her partner's (Bruce Campbell) wishes, she downs her new concoction and passes out mid sentence. I guess it… Continue reading Angela Dotchin in Jack of All Trades (s01e10)