Brooke Langton in The Net (s01e03)

Langton stars as Angela Bennett, a computer expert who has a serious wound on her arm in this episode. She got all caked in mud and needed to shower to get rid of it all. She does so at some dude's place and comes out only in a towel. Too bad her wound is proving… Continue reading Brooke Langton in The Net (s01e03)


Nidia Bermejo in Da Vuelta al Barrio (9/13/17)

Bermejo plays Felicitas in this Peruvian romantic comedy series. I don't speak fluent Spanish but from what I gather, she learns some quite distressing information and faints dead away in class. That description is pretty lackluster so here's the official clip to watch instead.

Jenny Cipolla & James Lastovic in A Talking Pony!?!

20 minutes into this masterpiece of cinema, a magic horseshoe falls onto Juliet's (Cipolla) head. Instead of severely injuring her, it just knocks her out. When she wakes up she can hear her horse talking to her. Then 59 minutes into the film, she attempts to assault another character (Lastovic) by hitting him in the… Continue reading Jenny Cipolla & James Lastovic in A Talking Pony!?!

Kira Kosarin and Jack Griffo in The Thundermans (s04e02)

In The Thundermans episode "Thundermans: Banished!", the titular family is banished (go figure) from their home in Hiddenville and relocated by the Hero League. However, the Thunderman twins, Phoebe and Max (played by Kosarin and Griffo respectively) catch wind of something fishy going on in their old home. Upon arriving to the scene of brainwashed… Continue reading Kira Kosarin and Jack Griffo in The Thundermans (s04e02)