Vidhya Mohan in Valli Episode 1157

Valli (Mohan) just finishes a phone call and takes a stroll by the pool when she begins sneezing. She sneezes and wipes her nose in a drug soaked rag. She starts to feel woozy as a wheelchair bound man looks on from the poolside and another man waits in earnest for her to pass out… Continue reading Vidhya Mohan in Valli Episode 1157


Keke Palmer in Scream Queens (s02e08)

Zayday (Palmer) made the mistake of going to a crazy lady's house alone this episode but made an even bigger mistake taking some tea from her. It's obviously drugged! C'mon Zayday, haven't you seen any TV show or movie ever? Needless to say she passes out on the woman's floor and awakes tied up in… Continue reading Keke Palmer in Scream Queens (s02e08)

Angela Dotchin in Jack of All Trades (s01e10)

In this 2000s action-comedy show, Dotchin plays English spy Emilia in the 19th century East Indies. In this episode, the plot requires her character to fake death, so she creates a serum to mimic those effects. Against her partner's (Bruce Campbell) wishes, she downs her new concoction and passes out mid sentence. I guess it… Continue reading Angela Dotchin in Jack of All Trades (s01e10)