Tierra Valentine in Grimm (s06e07)

Valentine plays Holly, a waitress who got mixed up with the Grimm gang's shenanigans. She gets grabbed and is being threatened when help arrives. Both her captor and savior then woge (transform) into wesen (creatures). The sight of this causes Holly to pass out from shock. This all happens about 37 minutes into the episode.


Musetta Vander in Mansquito

Vander plays Dr. Jennifer Allen in the Syfy original film whose main goal is to find a cure for the deadly Gillen virus. After an unfortunate turn of events, a convict begins to transform into a half-hybrid man/mosquito monster. Later in the film, when Dr. Allen is confronted alone by the beast, she does her… Continue reading Musetta Vander in Mansquito

Vanessa Hudgens in Powerless (s01e07)

(First let me clarify that the episode is entitled "Emergency Punch-Up" and is technically the ninth episode of season one. However, this episode mistakenly aired instead of the actual seventh episode and has been misnumbered. Anyway back to the review) In this harrowing episode, the city is under attack after a supervillian unleashes a toxic gas.… Continue reading Vanessa Hudgens in Powerless (s01e07)

Sarah Gadon in Murdoch Mysteries (s03e08)

"Future Imperfect" features Gadon playing Ruby, a young, world-travelling writer who is hellbent on helping our main character solve this weeks crime. About sixteen minutes in she gets her chance when sacks of (presumably) body parts are found at the bottom of a pond. The constable and inspector open the sack, and when Ruby runs… Continue reading Sarah Gadon in Murdoch Mysteries (s03e08)