Natalie Morales & Matt Keeslar in The Middleman (s01e07)

"The Cursed Tuba Contingency" features a cursed tuba from the Titanic that causes anyone to drown when they hear it played. Morales and Keeslar infiltrate a Titanic party to retrieve said tuba before someone plays it. They successfully do so half an hour in but they get hit with a taser and pass out. They… Continue reading Natalie Morales & Matt Keeslar in The Middleman (s01e07)


Vanessa Hudgens in Powerless (s01e07)

(First let me clarify that the episode is entitled "Emergency Punch-Up" and is technically the ninth episode of season one. However, this episode mistakenly aired instead of the actual seventh episode and has been misnumbered. Anyway back to the review) In this harrowing episode, the city is under attack after a supervillian unleashes a toxic gas.… Continue reading Vanessa Hudgens in Powerless (s01e07)

Jenny Cipolla & James Lastovic in A Talking Pony!?!

20 minutes into this masterpiece of cinema, a magic horseshoe falls onto Juliet's (Cipolla) head. Instead of severely injuring her, it just knocks her out. When she wakes up she can hear her horse talking to her. Then 59 minutes into the film, she attempts to assault another character (Lastovic) by hitting him in the… Continue reading Jenny Cipolla & James Lastovic in A Talking Pony!?!