Liv Hewson in DramaWorld

Episode 1: In the tail-end of our first introduction to the series, Hewson's character is transported into the world of her fav K-drama! She appears and interrupts two leads as they are about to share a kiss getting in their way. She glances at each of them in disbelief before fainting to the hard tile… Continue reading Liv Hewson in DramaWorld


Timothy Olyphant & Liv Hewson in Santa Clarita Diet (s01e01)

In the premiere of this Netflix original, the lead character (played by Drew Barrymore) has died, but she isn't dead? She's a zombie of sorts and has to explain to her family something is wrong with her. To do so, she cuts her hand open and squeezes out black, goopy blood, the sight of which… Continue reading Timothy Olyphant & Liv Hewson in Santa Clarita Diet (s01e01)