Sarah Gadon in Alias Grace Part 2

This miniseries of the classic historical fiction novel features Gadon as Grace Marks who stays at the side of a young woman's bed after she just had an abortion. Sad thing is though that she dies during the night (cause it's the 1800s and that's just what can happen). Blood everywhere, Grace is clearly shaken,… Continue reading Sarah Gadon in Alias Grace Part 2


Sarah Gadon in Murdoch Mysteries (s03e08)

"Future Imperfect" features Gadon playing Ruby, a young, world-travelling writer who is hellbent on helping our main character solve this weeks crime. About sixteen minutes in she gets her chance when sacks of (presumably) body parts are found at the bottom of a pond. The constable and inspector open the sack, and when Ruby runs… Continue reading Sarah Gadon in Murdoch Mysteries (s03e08)