Keke Palmer in Scream Queens (s02e08)

Zayday (Palmer) made the mistake of going to a crazy lady's house alone this episode but made an even bigger mistake taking some tea from her. It's obviously drugged! C'mon Zayday, haven't you seen any TV show or movie ever? Needless to say she passes out on the woman's floor and awakes tied up in… Continue reading Keke Palmer in Scream Queens (s02e08)


Emma Roberts in Scream Queens (so2e09)

Roberts plays the epitome of the "queen bee" character in this horror/comedy. Towards the beginning of the ninth episode of season two, the Chanel's are told that they will be assisting in a surgery to take place on live television. The girls are ecstatic, overwhelmed, overjoyed and a little light-headed. Upon confirming that they can… Continue reading Emma Roberts in Scream Queens (so2e09)