Yuliya Solntseva in Aelita: Queen of Mars

In this early science fiction film, Aelita (Solntseva) is the imaginary queen of Mars conjured up by a passionate engineer. During one of his daydreams about an hour and 35 minutes in, he dreams they have met and kisses her passionately, which instantly causes her to faint. He then carries her away.


Merna Kennedy in The Circus (1928)

In this classic Chaplin silent film, our lovable Tramp finds himself trapped in a lion's cage around 37 minutes in. (How does he get in these situations?) Needless to say, he's frantically trying to get out when the lovely Merna walks by. He calls to her and she assesses the situation and calmly let's him… Continue reading Merna Kennedy in The Circus (1928)