Melissa Benoist in Supergirl (s02e16)

At the tail end of this week's heroic (heroine-ic?) adventure, our titular hero encounters the Music Meister. He essentially Kaa's her and puts her into a trance by staring into her eyes which makes her just stands there all woozy while he escapes into another dimension to go fight the Flash. After he disappears, his… Continue reading Melissa Benoist in Supergirl (s02e16)


Sharon Leal in Supergirl (s02e10)

In the Supergirl episode "We Can Be Heroes", Leal's character (the lovely and powerful Miss Martian) is going through some stuff, to say the least. About 5 minutes in, Leal is in a holding cell for some reason. Maybe she's sick or something, either way she's in her holding cell before she completely loses it… Continue reading Sharon Leal in Supergirl (s02e10)